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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and PackerBum9786

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  1. alright so will you do Cushing and swearinger for Sanders?
  2. Take your pick:

    Cushing+Swearinger+receiver (Keshawn/Devier/Marlon) for Sanders+Trevathan


    Cushing+receiver for Sanders.

    Your call. I think they make sense for both of us.
  3. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, I'm just offering a deal that I think is fair and not accepting deals that aren't haha. Look, you've got holes either way. So do I. I think this deal makes sense for both sides. It helps us fill some of those holes and build rosters that make more sense given who we have. Yea, there's a cap difference, but it's not insurmountable, and you still have restructures. In the long game, I just think it makes sense for both of us.
  4. I'm just asking questions bud. I am also looking at the cap figures I am gaining cap space while still needing to add at positions like LB, Safety, RB, and pick up a 2nd wr option. Its not me being cheap like some people have said about me and my Co its just me looking at all the angles before committing to any kind of deal.
  5. Zero. I'm not gonna give away a premium piece without getting something big back in return. Dollar for dime trades just do nothing for me. I think this deal makes sense for both of us. You still have Demaryius and your tight ends, so your passing game still has options, but your defense gets markedly better, which is how you win IMO. I get the third passing option I need. That deal works for both of us, but you can't get something without giving something.
  6. Ok what about is there anyway of getting Cushing without giving up Sanders?
  7. I'm gonna stop you right there. There is ZERO chance of me trading Arian in this deal lol. I could've had Cobb for him this morning, the value's just not there.
  8. ok let me ask this what would it take to get both Arian Foster and Cushing. would something like a Sanders, Trevathon + a couple other smaller players do it maybe throw in a couple of our picks?
  9. Nope I literally have zero picks haha. Generally not all that interested in them. I wouldn't turn one down if I could get one but I don't look for them.
  10. are you collecting picks?
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