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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and unleashthebeast

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  1. what about Kyle and Wagner? You're lucky you have the Ravens because i ****ing love obscure ravens haha
  2. I'm fine with expanding the deal but just know that I love BWill and don't plan on going THAT much further. Like no way in hell are you getting him AND Jernigan.
  3. I would need more on there if I was dealing Darby. Like Jernigan, Juzcyk, Wagner, those types of guys
  4. Bwill is so good and so cheap. If I were to trade him I'd HAVE to get Darby.
  5. Alright I like CJ Mosely, Brandon Williams, Will Hill.

    BWill is my ****ing boy though lol what do i need to do for him
  6. Ok, take your favorite players. Just give me better ones haha. I like Darby, Watkins, Dareus, Jerry Hughes, those are the main dudes. Make me offers.
  7. I'm the bills, sendeth over all my favorite players
  8. Eh, got Tobias Harris anyway. One shooter away from Doug Moe's wet dream
  9. im not trading my 5 it's only like a 10 pick upgrade
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