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Conversation Between Carlznerson and SensandRaps

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  1. you have a skipped pick in the redraft
  2. otc in the redraft
  3. your otc in the redraft
  4. he is doing the exact same thing with me, i could ask them to post a reasoning, but in that case we will only have 4 votes that will count
  5. 3rd time in a row. Make them post a reasoning please.
  6. your otc in the redraft
  7. your up in the redraft
  8. if TO cant do it in the next little bit "do me a favor, im going to grab a bite to eat, take my post from the lounge create a thread and it put to a vote, say majority wins, and either way rule will be put in place after the end of this round"
  9. That's ****ing dumb. Why don't we just give the team to the commishes. Basically what you're doing.
  10. johan took the team to help out boiler, boiler quit, johan has asked for a co from the beginning, until we can get him a co we will continue autopicking
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