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Conversation Between CaptainClutch and Greet

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  1. Hey dude. Hope your summer is going well. Just wanted to know if you were interested in joining a fantasy football league we're starting up in the Nets forum. Let me know if you're interested homie. $25 buy in. DM me for details
  2. Dude please go ahead
  3. Can I make an off-topic thread? I don't know where else to talk about the USA team.
  4. feel free to hit me up

  5. Hey when you get a chance we should talk a bit on aim.
  6. Yurp. Let me know when you're available.
  7. No worries man. We'll make this a good forum. Hit me up on AIM at captainclutch07 so we can take more often about the forum and the future of Nets BB
  8. Hey, lets just make one thread for the rest of the games. No sense to keep making ones that aren't going to get active.
  9. Yeah that's the plan. I knew I couldn't become TM (since I've been banned before) so I brought up to SI about getting a new one (I said your name/Robs). Raven was a good mod, just wasn't much active. I hope between me and you and the move to brooklyn, we can get our forum booming.
  10. Sounds good buddy. Let's really get this forum hyped up again
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