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Conversation Between synister281 and Hawkeye15

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  1. The first one didn't destroy anything, but he would get on the couch or chair. I had roomates though. The second destroyed stuff haha, so his butt was in a kennel until about 2.5 years old. He was pretty good after that, randomly getting in the trash or whatever. None of them really went to the bathroom though. Bleu, as big of a dick as he is haha, I put the kennel in the garage when he was 3 months old dude. He NEVER goes to the bathroom or destroys anything. I think I could leave a piece of ham out on the table and he would leave it.
  2. Great news, thanks for the tips. Maybe Banks & I will try a mile run here next week after work. Thats awesome your bud can run 4-5 miles, thats more than I can do hahaha!

    How were your Boxers when you left them alone? Did you crate them and did they bark?
  3. they are 100 times as tough as we are. I was taking Bleu for 2-3 miles by a year, we run about 4-5 miles three times a week now, and I bring him over to one of his multiple girlfriends house at least once a week to play fight (he loves it more than any of the others I had). They are funny.

    Booger: Playful, but liked to just cuddle, and would let anyone come in.
    Cassius: Sweet and gentle, loved to destroy sunglasses and bra's.
    Bleu: Pure dick sometimes, and I have never seen him lose a fight. But he isn't the cuddler the others were.

    All different, but the same. You can start kind of juking with him like a boxer, he will develop balanced leg muscles quick that way. Just make sure he never develops a propensity to snap at you.
  4. I see your buddy is in his typical Boxer pose... sleeping on his bed lol. Mine literally attacked me last night for 15-20 minutes licking me when i got home from work haha!

    How long did you wait before you took Bleu running with you? I've taken Banks for 1/4 mile jogs here and there, but am afraid he's not developed enough yet to run too far.
  5. you will never get another kind of dog dude, trust me. Boxers are the greatest dogs out there. So playful, but really sweet.

    This is my girlfriends site, Bleu is the cover shot and in there a couple times. He is 4 right now, and my running partner. I just bought him a ridiculously huge bed haha, but he deserves it, he is a good boy.
  6. Thanks man, appreciate it. He's a great dog, so you have had 3 boxers? This is my first Boxer and my first dog in general. Best pup in the world, he's 8 months old right now.
  7. good looking pup. I am on my third one now, Bleu is his name. I may do what you did haha, and put him on my Wolves jersey.
  8. Yep, thats my boy... his name is Banks
  9. is that your dog in your sig?
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