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Conversation Between BRAVE KID and J.Twiggy

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  1. My Nats finally start to get hot and the manager quits i mean what the **** i swear were the unluckiest team in the league.
  2. Braves vs Nats tommorrow should be awesome just wish it was on tv.
  3. The braves screwed themselves out of the division. If you can't beat the don't deserve the team deserves the division if they can't beat the Nats.
  4. Like when they were beating you all last season while you were trying to lock up the division?
  5. They are always a pain in the Braves side. Always.
  6. Well i think my Nats might be a pain in the Braves side this season up and coming teams usually do that.
  7. Not going to play any part in that division or the WC race that is for sure. A tad bit boring...some nice pieces. Need to build off something..either rotation or to start somewhere.
  8. what do you think of the O's this year?
  9. Jordan will play a factor in that future rotation of theres but he's got to get healthy and consistent. A couple of years from now Livan might not even be there..Strasburg and Zimm could make it happen..maybe good production Marquis and Lannon..we'll see a couple years from now. Got some good pieces though..especially on offense.
  10. J-Zimm will be a pretty impressive number 2 right behind Livan and evantually Strasburg so yeah we will be right there in a couple years
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