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Conversation Between redsox12 and Westbrook36

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  1. Awesome, I've been debating on wether I should buy the new COD for the Wii or Golden Eye, I might end up buying both over time. I've heard they are a like and that Golden eye is a bit better.
  2. I like Goldeneye alot. I have never played COD so I know about that but Multplayer is fun from what I played. I have been playing 1 player mode more and it is great IMO. It is alot different that the N64 verison, the CPU is very smart about ducking and using cover in the mode I'm playing. You have to be sealth in a lot of parts otherwise it very hard. It's really fun.
  3. How good is Golden Eye 007? Is the online play like how cod is done? Impressive?

    Interested in buying it, likely will regardless of the answer
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