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Conversation Between sacgiants1213 and lol, please

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  1. Agreed.
  2. Thanks. Good luck to our Giants this upcoming series.
  3. fair enough. You are a passioante Kings fan I have noticed in the NBA seasons, I wish you guys the best of luck to be honest despite being division rivals, I love Malone and want him to succeed, and I liked Jimmer, and I wanted Cousins to succeed on the Kings as well, the fans deserve some success.
  4. Actually the Sac Kings are my favorite sports franchise... Giants close 2nd. Colts distant 3rd. But, Luck is my favorite athlete and it's not close.
  5. your colts fandom is higher than your giants fandom? man, that feels worse than getting dumped lol. It's all good, was just curious. I hope he works out for you guys as Colts fans.
  6. 1213 = Andrew Luck (12) T.Y. Hilton (13).
  7. why did you change your username ending from 5550 or whatever it was to 1213? what is 1213?
  8. Convince me otherwise.
  9. Luck in your top 5 already? I'd say it's a bit soon.
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