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Conversation Between Berliner and Norm

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  1. It's not our fans. It's people in general
  2. Morgan Burnett is being phased out! We finally have two good safeties!

    I wanna crawl in a hole and die. Our fans are so dim sometimes..
  3. These rules are so overly complex
  4. wow, this would be pretty risky and complicated plan for 5 weeks of training. lol
  5. Also, I want to tweet him so bad and tell him he's a ****.
  6. Well if Lyerla got an injury settlement, it's most likely a few weeks and you can't come back to the team after the "settlement date" for another 6.

    Essentially if they decided Lyerla was going to be hurt until week 4. They would pay him for 4 weeks of IR pay but he would become a free agent to all over 31 teams. But GB couldn't sign him until week 11. 4+6 then the beginning of week 11.

    Woohoo. Risk losing him so he can be on the PS for 5 weeks? **** tat.
  7. But Lyerla said that this is not the plan. They want him back. I don't think they would lie to him.

    This is the stupid problem of this news and twitter environment. You have to be the first and it's not important if the news is not 100% correct. You can just post the correct news later and nobody will say anything. So annoying
  8. Oh I guess he did say they would make a settlement. Because 400k was so much.

    Which they still could do I guess.
  9. Seriously, I want Demovsky's job. I wasn't positive so I checked. ANYONE who is "waived by way of waived/injured" is automatically sent to IR if they clear waivers.

    He posts he was waived/injured then says it's so he can return later to the PS.

    Me>That guy. I was like 99% sure that's how you send a guy to IR right now and he had no idea.
  10. I guess that's good. Maybe you threat helps.
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