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Conversation Between Redrum187 and valade16

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  1. The ATRD sub-forum is now open. Please go here and sign-in/create your clubhouse:

    Also please vote on the poll in the Lounge thread.
  2. Hrmm, I missed that part in the rules. Was that added or there from the start? My bad man.
  3. You don't have 2 60-79 players on your team. You are required by rule to have two. if you win your current matchup you must drop one of your bench players for one prior to your next matchup.
  4. Your matchup in the ATRD was posted. Good luck!
  5. Your turn to pick.
  6. Your turn to pick in ATRD
  7. Your turn to pick
  8. I believe it's your turn
  9. Group 2 is now open for bidding. Remember, this group (and all remaining groups) are 24 hours, NOT 48 hours. The deadline is 1:00 pm EST (10 am pacific) tomorrow.

    This will be my last reminder. From now on it is your responsibility to check in and send you bids within the deadlines.
  10. Yes! lol I want to build his stock up!
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