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Conversation Between JOSKOMANG4 and Norm

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  1. Wuts up norm. If my pick comes up and i'm not online for round 3:

    The Giants request DT Kwame Geathers Georgia. If Geathers is drafted, the Giants request Kyle Fuller, CB V-Tech.
  2. Not sure 10th overall is comin up soon.. but in fact it does.

    Draft Targets: Order from Top to Bottom

    - M.Te'O, LB Notre Dame
    - J.Banks, CB Miss St
    - S.Richardson, DT Missouri
    - E.Fisher, OT Central Michigan
    - E.Anzah, DE BYU
  3. K nevermind you posted it up. GOod stuff Norm!!
  4. Trade Pending w/Titans!


    Giants trade 1st rd pick(19th overall), 51st overall(2nd), & 6th rd pick(179th)

    Titans trade 1st rd pick(10th overall).
  5. After the deadline to declare. Which is the 15th. How soon after I do not know just yet.
  6. J/w.. when do we officially start?
  7. Save it for the start and message me again. I don't have a board to put it into right now.
  8. Trade Pending Approval!!

    Originally Posted by JOSKOMANG4
    Your 1st(10th overall) for my 1st(19th), 2nd(51st), & 6th rd pick(179th overall).

    I accept that offer.

    Giants & Titans btw.
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