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Conversation Between GasMan and Jeffy25

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  1. I just don't see how the Angels could justify giving up Adell in order to land David Price. Even if he were free.

    I don't think there is enough there to make a workable trade.

    Now, maybe Turnbull, Goodrum, and Boyd for Adell straight up could happen. But even then, I feel like the Angels would rather just keep the high end talent and buy cheaper rotation options. It sucks that Boyd hasn't been better, because the talent is clearly there, but the home runs are killing him.
  2. Which other arms from the Tigers would you take to make this happen from the Angels side. Spencer Turnbull? +/- Farmer or Jimenez?
  3. I think Angels hang up pretty fast.

    I feel like Adel has around $85-100M surplus value
    Boyd has around $40-55M surplus value
    Price has around - $50M in surplus value.

    Rough estimates.
  4. Wonder what you think of the idea of a three way trade between the Tigers, Red Sox and Angels.

    To BoSox: Matthew Boyd
    To Angels: David Price, $10 million/year next three years (from Tigers)
    To Tigers: Jo Addell

    I figure there would be other small parts that would be moved.

    Who would be the first to hang up in this scenario?
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