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Conversation Between BRAVE KID and J.Twiggy

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  1. Is this a annual question? lol, just joking. I really like Morse, Werth, Morgan, Zimmerman as the core of that lineup..I believe it can be potent..tag along the pesky Ian Desmond, the scrappy Espinosa..and a pretty consisent Adam Laroche who will give great defense at first..and that lineup can put up a crooked number. As always, it's the starting pitching...I like gorzelanny and lannon..but that rotation isn't too impressive. Get a healthy stratsburg and two consistent starters..and then it will get interesting.
  2. Do you see the Nats challenging the Braves and Phillies in the East?
  3. The Braves just need to pound them as long as we stop the Phillies from winning the East i will be pleased anybody but the stupid Phaggies i hate them so very much
  4. I know one thing is for sure the Nats will continue to remain a pest for the braves and everybody else in that division for years to come. I'm not sure when they will be a threat to win the NL East though.
  5. Quick question do you think the Nats will be able to compete with the Braves for the Nl east in a few years?
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