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Conversation Between BRAVE KID and J.Twiggy

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  1. I just wanna be a good sport and wish you and your team the best as the stretch run begins credit where it is due your team has owned my Nats this season.
  2. Just wanted to stop by and congratulate you and your Braves on a soon to be NL East title and all the best to you as you enter the postseason
  3. Good series against you guys hopefully we can have just as many the rest of the rest of the way and hope there is no bad blood between our 2 fanbases
  4. What is your opinion of the Strasburg shutdown?

    Just wanna get a rival fans point of view.
  5. Well we got 6 more meetings against each other one coming in our next homestand which could be a big series and go a long way in seeing who walks away as division champion.
  6. Feuds between rival fans stem from baiting/trolling that's mainly where that comes from. I don't disregard the Nats success...I could see it coming with that aggressive off-season and years from watching the Nats...the only part that is frustrating is the fact that even with all the nats struggles in years past...they always found a way to beat ATL. I know the nats are good..but they weren't then.
  7. I can understand your frustration towards my team but there is no reason rival fans should not be able to get along cause chances are both teams will make the postseason and might meet in the NLDS.
  8. As you can see the nats have been a common discussion in our forum..tends to happen when you are chasing someone. Don't take it the wrong way though, everybody in that forum knows how good the Nats are, including myself, that's for certain.
  9. You all will probably still win the division and sorry for lurking i'll keep out.
  10. like what you see in the braves forum?
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