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Conversation Between Phenomenonsense and GunFactor187

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  1. Absolutely baffles me on how people don't see that we absolutely NEED to keep Moose in town. Honestly, I wouldn't mind giving him the max because it'll be similar to how Gores is paying SVG with the dual role in a 2-4-1 deal. The beauty of basketball is that players can play multiple positions, for Greg it'll be starting PF and backup C obviously. Filling two roles while paying him max money isn't so bad with the cap spike that's gonna happen. If we lose Moose we lose any consistency and reliability we'll have on this team, which I really don't want.
  2. I should hope not, it would be sad to think there are only two intelligent posters left on PSD lol.
  3. I think the both of us are the last two remaining Moose supporters of the Pistons board, lol.
  4. Yep
  5. Hey, didn't you write a book some time ago?
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