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Conversation Between Dmac and dbroncos78087

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  1. haha. I didn't even notice that.
  2. Hey can you change the title on this from duel to dual?

    I'm sure he meant dual.
  3. One of the Great Balls of Fire prediction bonus questions should be whether Paul turns on Brock.
  4. Ok. yeah not sure why he didn't make it yet. Must be busy at work. I'll go ahead and sticky it.
  5. Hey I'm going to reach out to Riv too, but I put up the thread for RAW tonight.
  6. ok, sounds good. Doesn't seem like you missed anything though.
  7. Hey I told Riv this, but if you notice that I accidentally left anyone off the polls, please don't hesitate to add them into it. I think that I got everyone's nominations.
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