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Conversation Between elate and RedWings13

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  1. I'm not really interested in moving Oshie unless I'm getting a top line guy to replace him as I'm all in for the Cup.
  2. I'm sorry dude I just don't have the time or interest anymore.
  3. Your team in the NHL Simulation has been lost due to inactivity. You can reclaim your team, however, by signing back in. We are entering the offseason which includes the Entry Draft, resignings, and FA.
  4. The NHL Simulation has gone through two simulations (30 days total). Your activity would be much appreciated.
  5. I could give you two of Ennis/Steen/Smid if you include a player to replace one of them (a downgrade obviously)
  6. A replacement wing and a defenceman
  7. I'm interested in Gaborik. What are you looking for?
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