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Conversation Between 4everblue and THINKBLUE15

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  1. LMAO..I do love insulting Ned and Mccheap/his annorexic wife.

    and thanks for the support
  2. I bet you feel the pain, and you will for some weeks. It's just natural and you would feel bad if you didnt. Just stay strong and keep doing the stuff you know she wanted you to do. Finish school, go to college and become a professional.

    About the PSD people, you have all of us here to support you. It's also good to clear your mind a little bit rooting for the lakers and insulting Ned after his dumb calls.
  3. Not terrible, but I feel the pain. I was telling Diablo I mostly have trouble sleeping, and waking up. Thanks for the concern. I appreciate it, and I'm glad that PSD has such a great homo
  4. hey, good to see you around... how are you doing??? how you feel?
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