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Conversation Between Aust and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. Cool, just glad you're back and will be soon brother. Stay Up
  2. I don't have that kind of power. If you want to nominate someone, msg Rush.
  3. There you are! ok good, we need help, lots of trolls taking away the magic from the best basketball forum on PSD. Maybe bump up LG?
  4. I'll be able to come on daily once training camp starts in a few weeks. Admins may add another person.
  5. Aust, please passs Mod duties bro, I got a lot of love for you and respect but we need someone active please!
  6. Aust, play in the LATRD game!
  7. Lmfao no pity votes. These guys are making it tough with their “click” votes
    So just getting people to visit the Match-up and make their own decision. Yea Phil coach- MJ/Pau/Artest would be siiiick. A left #2 option (even tho these guys say he isn’t...) and a 2 DPOY wings. There’s some good matchups in this, you should check it out! Maybe join the next one?
  8. You don't want a pity vote? lmao

    That's a nice roster though.
  9. Hey my man! In a tough matchup in the NBA Forum, come check it out, only vote for me if you think I would win. My team is LA Borrachos w/Head Coach Phil Jackson, MJ/Pau/Artest trio
  10. I would like to nominate JayDubb as a Lakers mod. You can L&G have done a fantastic job but we need a little more help in there.
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