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Conversation Between pidg88 and RedWings13

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  1. I'm trying to trade for a top line left wing because I really do think some people are going to write us off just for Nyquist being there.
  2. I have a good offer from the Predators.
  3. The Bertuzzi trade was accepted and I posted it, needs your acceptance
  4. The Senators said they were the best team for Suter to win this year. I LOL'd pretty hard.
  5. I just went ahead and posted it since I'm going to be pretty busy the rest of the day. I don't think any team can top it so we should be fine.
  6. Thats just crazy
  7. Avs and Sens are offering 9m per and the ducks are offering 9.5 per.
  8. Thanks that really means a lot. I think the other teams' reasoning doesn't even come close to ours. But yah we'll probably have to increase to 8 or so. We'll see what Suter says.
  9. Fricken loved it, it's epic and sounds exactly like how Kenny will probably pitch te real one. We might have to increase our offer but that's solid
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