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Conversation Between pidg88 and boilerguy2412

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  1. Bobby Butler, Colby Robak (nhl ready spec), 3rd rounder for Stuart and Lukas Sutter
  2. I understand. If you change your mind I do have Klesla and Morris, both capable of #3-4 duties and PK shutdown.
  3. im not sure i would trade him right now, i made a few trades where i might keep him, but IF i were to move him it would have to be for a good defensmen
  4. Whats the price for Filpulla?
  5. Im affraid i dont value Yandle as much as you. I also have interst in OEL
  6. What prospects you willing to give up? I would like Fil/Brunner and a prospect like Jarnkrok, Tatar etc
  7. yes i am interested. Brunner could go your way
  8. Any interest in Yandle? Comes with a high price tag but would be nice for wings with a good cap hit
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