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Conversation Between CaptainClutch and 1_FrozenNetsFan

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  1. Hey dude yeah I'll be in DC most of the year, but making my way up to Brooklyn on Nov 1st for the first game. Hope all is well and yea no problem. If you have anyone else in mind let them know. we want to fill up fast
  2. Hey Cap,
    Thanks for the invite. Kind of you to think of me but I'm afraid I hafta pass. These next two months are gonna be hecktic for me. I am hoping though that I'll get a chance to meet some of you while I'm down south this season. Something early like Nov or up to mid Dec. Any chance you'll be in the neighborhood around then? Anyhow thanks again for thinking me and good luck to you ma man.
  3. Hey my dude. We're starting up a fantasy football league for us nets fans. If you wanna join hit me up with a DM
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