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Conversation Between Wrench and Raps18-19 Champ

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  1. Ill be the one running it
  2. That's alot of work man lol It's only 16 teams for the NFL one so it should not take too long
  3. I'm not saying we shouldn't have the NFL one. Just have it at the same time.
  4. Will happen after the NFL one. NFL one hasn't been done since 2016.
  5. Do an NBA ATRD.
  6. With Super and TT still skipped i think your up
  7. Your up again as Shaiza is skipped.
  8. Your now otc till 2 pm
  9. You should be otc at 1230 if Super doesn't pick I think, possible your otc now. Have to see what dasox says.
  10. your up it seems after Super
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