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Conversation Between RedSoxtober and j-bay

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  1. No worries. I got moved from mod to TM because I wasn't moderating anything other than the Sox forum. As a result, I cannot move it to the MLB forum. Seemed easiest to close it.
  2. That forum I created was intended for the MLB forum. I'm using my cell phone, and on my phone is had both the MLB forum and Sox forum up. Both are the exact same colors. I thought I was in the MLB. Sorry about that never thought he was going to Boston.
  3. No. Your thread was closed because it was based on unconfirmed rumors that were almost immediately denied by the Red Sox. Closing it was the right thing to do.

    You are WAAAAYYYY to concerned to look like the insider.
  4. open up my closed thread
  5. Looks like the filters have been cranked up. You used to be able to use the initials -- M+L+B+T+R but even that's blocked now. Sorry.
  6. NP. The filters are there and we can't avoid them... just learn to live with them. If you see a rumor somewhere it's often easier to copy/paste it into a post. Make sure to give credit to the source.
  7. ok, just IM your sim when you're done.
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