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Conversation Between Jack of Blades and HOWE do i do it

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  1. We have that. Email verification is the best, because a lot of the spam accounts are made with fake emails. If we had a way to verify email it would stop a lot of them being made.
  2. Good points, maybe one of those verifications where you have to type in the words in the picture? It's been a while since I registered here so I don't remember if I had to do that or not.
  3. We're not going to limit thread making for two reasons:

    1) We don't want to limit the capabilities of legit new posters.
    2) It will push all spam into actual threads, making it more messy, and harder to find.

    Really, we just need email verification to work. If it does, that will limit the amount of spam greatly.
  4. So what's your solution to all of this spam in GD? It always seems to pop up every night anywhere from 12-4ish which is when I'm usually on PSD. I just don't see a better idea then making new users accumulate a certain amount of posts before they can can start threads to avoid all of this ridiculous spam because this has been going on for a while and I'm sure you and other mods are sick of having to delete all of it.
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