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Conversation Between Jets012 and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. Yes, ignore TT's team he didn't finish. TO's team is the last post in the clubhouse. It's what I posted.
  2. so I might not be able to get them in till like 2am ESTish if that's ok. Will definitely have them in by then tho
  3. so all of the teams to rank are linked in the first post on the clubhouse page right? (just want to make sure I can refer to that since it's easier to view the clubbies that way)
  4. Yes
  5. Can I still send in my rankings?
  6. Rankings by tomorrow night
  7. I'm going to Co with Jam. He asked me and since I don't have much time, that'll work better than having my own team.
  8. Checking the forum I see. If you want to play you still can. Will just add you to the bottom of the first round
  9. you get my trade offer?
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