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Conversation Between Jets012 and Westbrook36

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  1. Jam joined so you don't have B2B picks anymore, but you are OTC
  2. Originally wanted to hit Arches as well, but I'm saving that for a similar loop to what you did. Was my first time out on the West Coast as an east coast guy as well so I couldn't agree more..awesome time and area
  3. Had a great time. Would have loved to go to Wyoming but wasn't able to. Was in Nevada, Southern Utah, and Arizona. Did the Valley of Fire, Red Cliffs National Park, and Zion National Park. Ended up at Vegas the last two nights since I have family out there. For an East Coast guy, was terrific seeing some of those places. Different world out there.
  4. Which ones did you hit? Trip was amazing..Did Rocky Mountain -> Grand Teton -> Yellowstone.

    Signed up as well
  5. Signups will be up probably in a week or so
  6. Ha funny I'm actually heading out West next week to go to some national parks too lol. Yes it's happening in late August don't know which date yet.
  7. Hey man, thanks for reaching out. Is this still happening or a specific date on it? I'm doing a national park trip from August 22 - September 1st so it may be a bit difficult if it's beginning in that time frame.
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