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Conversation Between Redrum187 and valade16

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  1. Bidding for Group 1 is now open and will close in 48 hours. Send me 1 Private Message only with all your bids as well as order of priority if you win 2 (you cannot win more than 1 this group). Remember, you can use cents when bidding (ex. $41.50).

    List of players in group 1 is found here:
  2. I take it you liked Jumpin' Joe fulks being in Group 18 to be bid on? Lol
  3. Hey, go check-in and create your clubhouse:
  4. You have jon's list? it's his turn.
  5. Chatzy sir. Raidaz is in there and interested in Lee
  6. I think you're OTC
  7. Chatzy me, need to ask you a question
  8. You're otc I think. Double check
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