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Conversation Between joeyc77 and dbroncos78087

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  1. Lol. Regerts. Trump should get "No Regerts" tattooed really big on his back and rip off his shirt revealing as he leaves the White House.
  2. I keep seeing the regrets thread and imagining the Milky Way commercial.
  3. Actually, I Googled it and I got the link.
  4. I'm on my phone now, but there is a great picture of two characters from the Power Puff Girls show that say "that's the evilest thing ever". That is exactly what I envision. If I remember, I'll try to find it and send it over later.
  5. Lol. That's funny. I had a neighbor put one under a slice the cheese on a slice of pizza when I was 12. Evil indeed.
  6. Some people are evil...and some people are on their own level...
  7. The only thing better on Imgur than the pictures is the comments:

    I hear a "sqush" after the gif ends, is that bad?
  8. That's just wrong and so funny.
  9. Apparently this is the ASL for abortion:
  10. This made me laugh uncontrollably for a few seconds...
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