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Conversation Between CardinalRed24 and valade16

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  1. Go finish your picks in the NFL All-Time Redraft as soon as possible. Thank you.
  2. U guys are OTC
  3. You're OTC
  4. You're OTC
  5. James Worthy + LaMarcus Aldridge for Grant Hill + Jerry Lucas?
  6. Would you like Walt Bellamy instead of Aldridge ?
  7. Sorry for not responding sooner. Not really feeling the LMA/Sikma part. Ideally it'd need to be someone better than LMA.
  8. Hey man how about James Worthy/LaMarcus Aldridge for Grant Hill/Jack Sikma?
  9. You need to clear your Private Message box because it's full.
  10. UTB has been skipped, it is your turn to pick.
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