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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and TO Rapz

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  1. Depends if ypud even be interested, I have pick 52 overall and then nothing until the 7th. I can offer late round upgrades for the pick, just nothing ridiculous.
  2. whats your best offer?
  3. I want the 2nd but I don't have the 4th. Willing to upgrade you in later rounds if possible and my third rounder is the 4th pick
  4. Free for all. Make the rest of your picks. Remember, you need 20 players. 12 forwards, 6 d-men, 2 tendies.
  5. You're up.
  6. Yeah Ill update it, you're up.
  7. Hey Phaneuf was my pick in Round 3, still blank.
  8. Hedman was selected already.
  9. You're up bud
  10. You're up bud.
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