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Conversation Between dbroncos78087 and Rivera

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  1. Ok just wanted to make sure. Hope that things are getting better for you. I know things were tough.
  2. yea after Smackdown, probably tomorrow, latest Thursday. im going to make a judgement call tomorrow if i feel like thats going to be the whole card. This years survivor series doesnt have a regular match without a title or survivor series match like last year ala New Day v Shield were neither were tag champs
  3. Hey do you know when the picks for Survivor Series are going up? I just realized that I didn't see anything already. I would assume after Smackdown to let everything shake out, but just wanted to check.
  4. Hey did you see my post in the Evolution prediction? I think that if someone picked Bliss either to pin or be pinned that they should be given credit for her replacement. If you disagree, that's fine. But I wanted to let you know and see what you thought.
  5. Hey I'm going to make the thread for RAW tomorrow. So don't worry about it. Hope things are starting to work themselves out.
  6. done and done
  7. Hey man, can you unstick the RAW thread from the 11th? I made the one for this week but noticed the one from two weeks ago is still stuck to the top.
  8. Saw it! Just know that I discuss politics just as much as I do wrestling. Be ready for that lol.
  9. if you see a strange new follower like wwe truth teller with the hurricane logo thats me. I only used twitter for news. But I kinda want to go ham even more so I made a WWE only account im gonna go crazy on haha
  10. Haha. Don't worry about it. We appreciate slightly different aspects of the product and despite my critiques, I have enjoyed the product and continue to do so.

    I do think that Dolph's thing could be interesting especially how it lends itself perfectly to the match/feud they mention at Starrcade with Roode. He is the epitome of ambience and entrance outside Nakamura.
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