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Conversation Between dbroncos78087 and dbroncsinmo

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  1. You've got to check out sovereign citizen/moor videos on YouTube. They are HILARIOUS!
  2. You will be pleased and bemused to find out that Im one of you...big bad heartless conservative.

    I was debating about a DC metro employee that got photographed eating on the train and taking up a couple seats. Apparently for finding that behavior not acceptable I am a racist because shes black.

    Good stuff!
  3. That she definitely does.
  4. Tough to argue with you there. She has a top notch surgeon.
  5. We are friends. Lol. Not me man. Look beyond the politics and focus on which one is most ****able. Judge Jeanine hands down.
  6. LOL and I thought we were friends...

    Id take Judge Judy out of those two every minute of every day.
  7. Lol. That gave me a pretty good laugh. So should we call you Judge Judy or Judge Jeanine
  8. It must be like when a judge retires and everyone treats them like royalty despite whatever they did during their time in office.

    Whatever it takes to get something done.
  9. Lol. I've wondered that for a while. As usual, you maintain your power around here. One report from you and that dude is banned 💪. Nice job man. I can tolerate some stupid **** but that guy was honestly turning me away from PSD.
  10. I wonder if all the mods have him on ignore list so no one sees it...LOL
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