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Conversation Between dbroncos78087 and Hawkeye15

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  1. That may well be. But I think she's got staying power. The way she uses social media to communicate with her supporters and voters is akin to Trump's. Except that she connects with younger voters.
  2. Sluggo is my Dad dude. Like EXACTLY.
  3. Well, she is front and center all the time is why she bugs conservatives right now. It will chill out. Like a month ago everyone was talking about Chris Watts. He will never be spoken about again. Weird example but you get my drift. Now, if Cortez helps create real change, then yes, she will get them haters haha. Or is she continues to ascend..
  4. See, told you that she's living rent free in some conservative's heads.
  5. I really wish that I knew. I've already accepted the fact that he's going to get confirmed. I had serious issues (as I'm sure you can imagine) even if all this stuff never happened.
  6. Absolutely agree, he is already shady to begin with, there are plenty of other qualified candidates available. I am really not sure why the GOP is going to die on a hill over this guy.

    I mean, can you remember details from a party 30 years ago? You aren't even 30 yet haha, but I can assure you, while I know I didn't do anything too bad while drunk in college (it's not my makeup), I sure as hell can't recollect all the details of my drunk college life, or much of my high school years, and I am 15 years younger than Kav/Ford. Why she is getting roasted, I am not sure, she has nothing to gain by making this up.
  7. I obviously don't know what really happened but this guy seems super sketchy and hearing what Ford said, she sounded extremely credible. I think some people are expecting her to have a semen sample or something. I honestly don't think he is worthy of the seat regardless of these claims though. He's been caught lying under oath a couple times and the Nationals ticket thing still confuses me. On his salary, how could he pay the tens of thousands of dollars off that quickly?
  8. I mean the dude claims these hearings have ruined his life. Gtfo Kav
  9. I didn't think it appropriate for the thread but in response to your post "I hope that when my life gets ruined it lands me a 7 figure deal".

    "#WeToo amirite?"
  10. she should try having another immediate family member attempt to qualify/receive. Again, ways around anything dude. To you or me (maybe), the peanuts that those services actually give you mean they MUST be temporary, but to some people, living off what equates to $12,000/year or whatever is do-able. How I have no idea.
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