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Conversation Between RLundi and Sports Illustrator

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  1. You would still need to keep the R there due to the requirements for username changes.
  2. Hi, is there any way I can remove the R in front of my username please?
  3. Aye sir! Much appreciation!
  4. Alright, you are now all set with your username change. All I need you to do now is to edit your previous username on your usertitle just for a few days so that users can continue to recognize you.
  5. :/ You did tell me that before. Okay, would RLundi do? If so, I'll take that, please and thank you!
  6. You would still need that r there in the front as the requirements for username changes is for the users to keep their first part of their usernames.
  7. Hi, is there any way you can please change my name from rlundi86 to just Lundi?
  8. I can do RLundi or rLundi if you want.
  9. Would a minor change be changing rlundi86 to just Lundi? I hate to ask and I won't bother you again! Keep in mind 'tis the season...'
  10. I apologize, but we do not do complete username changes. Only minor changes.
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