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Conversation Between John X Doe and NYJetsRevis2424

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  1. Im not a Shonn Greene fan he has no speed,hes a power back a good num 2
  2. wtf r u talking about, someone said Greene had an amazing day, the fact is he had an ok day not a great one.He had 27 carries averaging 3.5 yards a carry, theres gonna be games when Sanchez isn't gonna look like he did on Sunday and we are gonna need to rely on the running game alot more. CJ Spiller had a great game he picked up the slack and gave Buffalo a spark. I think giving McKnight more carrys and even Powell will make us alot better at ground and pound when we need it.Like this Sunday vs The Steelers.
  3. You are so freaking pathetic. What would actually make you happy? What freaking utopian stage what be acceptable for you? What planet are you on? Do you really believe that every single player should simultaneously have a career game the same week? Do you? That's what it sounds like. Greene should've had 130. What should Powell have gotten? Keller? Holmes? Hill? Sanchez? Cumberland? Should they all have had prop bowl performances? Do you even fathom that the other team is paid to perform? I would seriously doubt it. Earth's calling, they want you back.
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