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Conversation Between theGhost-isGone and unleashthebeast

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  1. welp guess i am ****ed then
  2. no, players can be stashed before TC. After TC is the training camps period which is when players are grown or given longevity camps. All these rules are posted in the OP of each thread.
  3. hey dude where do i post euros? that thread is locked. they can be euro'd up until the first sim right?
  4. You need one more player to get to 13 and IR your stash guy just fyi
  5. You're up in the sim draft
  6. yeah that's fine, as long as other GMs see the activity that's all I'm asking for.
  7. Do you want me to just post same? Because obviously the auto'd DC is working out for my tank haha, no reason for me to change it
  8. please be on to post your DC at least every other sim or your team may be up for adoption. I don't want to give anybody's team away, and the wait list is empty right now, but I want you to know I expect this league to be active and I hope to keep it that way by only giving teams to the most active GMs.

    I know you were very active in our old league, so I'm not trying to kick you out. I just want to give you fair warning that any team left without a DC for 3+ sims will be considered open and may be given away when we get people on the wait.
  9. You claim the full amount. It's in the rules.
  10. Ayy my dude, question about claims

    Say i only have 12 million dollars of salaries this year. I pay the 10 million penalty, but do i get to claim 63 million dollars for being that far under the budget? Or do i only claim 47 million dollars?
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