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Conversation Between theGhost-isGone and Ebbs

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  1. Hey bro, never did my claims. I want to euro walker again but can't until you cash that
  2. if you want me to input your FA bids you must cut at least one person
  3. 25% of the cap for 6 years of experience and less. 11.25M

    30% of the cap for 7-9 years of experience. 13.5M

    35% of the cap for 10 years of experience and more. 15.75M
  4. can you put up the thread where it shows the max offers again?
  5. I'd appreciate that yea. I had lined it up to get max money (salary was perfect number for most budget return) as a tanker and I finished 10th.
  6. I can if you want. It's complicated this season. I forgot to create a back-up end-season file for you guys to use to do your claims.
  7. so for claims are you doing my claims? I'm confused.
  8. I thought it did I had a lot of inputting to do that day so may have been oversight, but if it didn't I'll be sure it gets to you.

    Might do an index update tonight too so you'll see it for sure. My bad!
  9. your pick moving to me this sim?
  10. Very fair, I have big plans for him but if you kick me a little cash I'd swap him for Van Exel
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