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Conversation Between theGhost-isGone and homestarunner93

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  1. No worries I'm holding FA later so we can get as many bids as we can
  2. Sorry just had a chance to get online, going to send you offers real quick. Probably won't use all 10.
  3. ok sounds good
  4. You got em homie, welcome back! Be sure to check out the spends and claims rules as they have been modified quite a bit, especially camps, and there's some new spends and a revenue sharing/tax system that will be implemented this offseason.
  5. I'll take the Hornets.
  6. Any interest in Biedrins? You could play him at C and Koufos at PF, would vastly improve your defense and rebounding. I'm interested in Valanciunas, Harris, and picks/cash.
  7. on the clock
  8. ok sounds good
  9. lmao yeah maybe I should run it by dhop, not too worried about a deal this small though. I'll update my trade block and see if anyone else is interested, see if I can't get more, but right now moving Jameer will help the tank. I'll keep you posted probably try to do a deal sometime this afternoon
  10. Don't you have a chaperon that you're supposed to check with or something? haha
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