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Conversation Between theGhost-isGone and phlp_bj

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  1. yeah i saw that but i wasn't sure which thread to put it in since they were all closed
  2. Season period- Things like Motivation, contract buyouts and re-negotiations, can only be done at this time. This period is throughout the season, from the end of pre-season up to the end of the post-season.

    Good time to do it between now and end of season
  3. is there a certain spot that I can bump up loyalty for a player and stuff?
  4. No it's not final it's full of fake players. I'll finish it tonight, we're going to have to move everything back a day so I can fix the index and the draft.
  5. is the draft on the site final? i currently see Jalen Achterberg as the highest rated pot so i wanted to make sure
  6. Their claims should be current. You'll need to do their claims for this year which just wrapped up so do then when you get the chance. Check out the re-signings which I posted this morning, don't think they have any but just check to be sure. Also the draft is open so send in your pot requests and make a list if you don't think you'll be here to pick.
  7. thanks man. anything i should know about on the blazers such as claims/etc?
  8. Word, welcome back! Happy to have you man.
  9. I got some free time now. Guess I can take the blazers
  10. Quite a few tweaks, camps are done at specified times during the off season depending on the camp you're doing. There's also tax revenue sharing and a few new spends. All the rules are laid out for each subforum in their own thread in their respective subforums. Check them out! The Blazers are open pick them up now or wait to see if another team opens up this off season if you don't want them.
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