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Conversation Between Soxtober040713 and vikingsfan0845

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  1. Patriots OTC
  2. Ok yea I'll do that deal. We both need to send TDjacksonville a pm letting him know of the trade.
  3. I meant 52,78,108. Idk what happened with that typing. That ur later 2nd rounder and later 3rd and than a 4th. For JG.
  4. 52, 78 and 181? Yea I would do that.
  5. 52,77,181 for JG. The
  6. Personally I wouldn't give up more than 52 in real life but I know some Browns fans want him. He's going to leave in FA next year so at best you'll get a late 3rd compensatory pick. I think it's a risky deal for the Browns. I'm not a fan of teams trading away tons of picks for unproven talent at QB.
  7. What about 52, 78 and 108 for Garappolo and 163?
  8. Garappolo 200, 239 for 52, 78,108,181

    I got your argument for 12 and 33 this seems legit tho. I went from a 1st and a high 2nd to a low 2nd a 3rd and a 4th for JG a 6 and a 7
  9. I can do 52 and 78 for Garappolo. I could throw in a 5th if you want. I want to keep 65.
  10. Garappolo get me 52 and 2 3rd rounders.
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