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Conversation Between Carey and Mr.Nate30

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  1. Wouldnt be the best option because i have zero experience, might wanna get someone else to hold the fort down. I'd all for helping afterward, maybe when u get back from vaca
  2. Alright great im on vacation. We're the cavaliers. Post in the lounge your joining me. I have pitches on Nash and billups(s&t). The sign and trade for billups is

    Kendall Marshall
    Trey Thompkins
    Joakim Noah


    Chauncey Billups
    Larry Sanders
    Deandre Jordan

    That's all you need to know. If you could make the next pitches after the updates that would be great
  3. Sure, just let me know where you need me and im in
  4. would you be intrested in taking an assitant job for me on the Cavs in the mock?
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