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Conversation Between streetballa and DaddyCool

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  1. You already know it think I want to hold onto #23 for now but other 2 can be had
  2. You trading any of your crapton of late 1st rounders for cash?
  3. Cut those guys already?
  4. Dont forget to make a cut thread those 2 guys.
  5. Actually, if you waive me Martin and I trade him back along with Speights, Bertrans, and Jefferson (cutback), the salaries would work I think.
  6. I like Batum.
  7. what would u want for him?
  8. Mareese Speights can play PF?
  9. Nah, sully already had 4 camps. Deng has A- defense at SG. He fits. Do you know sully's D at C?
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