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Conversation Between streetballa and DaddyCool

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  1. What's 1 more You can put Shard on the bench according to tank rules.
  2. I don't really want shard though, I'm working on making sure Kmart is my only legit player this season
  3. 5 mil. -.-
  4. $2.00? Haha
  5. Add some cash and we got a deal.
  6. Shard/2nd (i want mr. Irrelevant) for rasho/curry (wb)...But idk shard might give me a couple of wins
  7. Shard fer Rasho
  8. No gimme.
  9. I think I may want to use it unless my guy is picked by tym
  10. i'll give you 8 mil for pick 25.
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