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Conversation Between bloodhawk and Aussy4GM

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  1. and what program do you use?
  2. yo can you make me a Derrick Rose Rookie Of The Year Sig?
  3. thanks man sorry i havent been on latley i love it awesome job
  4. hope you like it
  5. it'll take me a while
  6. alright so last time i talked to you the bulls were gonna get amare...we see how well that worked out lol

    can you make me a sig with CC,Wang,Burnett,Joba,Pettite and put "Muderers RowTATION" haha thad be beast idk if i spelled murderers right lmao
  7. well actually im not sure yet i think im gonna wait for like another week or so i wanna see if my bulls get amare stoudamire
  8. who do you want on your sig...if i can't get it to you by tonight...I'll only be able by Sat...due to my internship...
  9. hey you wanna do another sig for me?
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