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Conversation Between Carlznerson and SensandRaps

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  1. Even with his salary you'd have close to 8 million left. If I send Brouwer as well your 2nd line looks impressive.
  2. ok ill try and see what happens
  3. Tell Gonchar to waive it to me and see what he says.
  4. gonchars the bad contract that we got but said he will only waive for a contender and if u trade ovie u kinda lose have your contending status, if it wasnt for his stupid ntc sending gonchar to save cap would have made the deal easier to do
  5. His play will for sure get better in Ottawa where your coach actually allows his players to play offense lol. I can take back any bad contracts you have.
  6. he has but salary+his decline in play is making me hesitant to pay that price
  7. Has your assistant talked to about ovechkin yet?
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