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Conversation Between Carlznerson and SensandRaps

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  1. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT. TO is concussed and wants one.
  2. its on a need to know basis , just messing around its pocketkings, ill hopefully be able to coordinate with him this weekend, since its a light weekend for me in terms of work
  3. i dont even know who pk is
  4. it is an idea and its a good idea its a 2 part thing in the sense that i dont see the active people around even and i havent discussed it in details with PK as of yet haha
  5. Well you could put signups up and have an absolutely tentative start date. I know sometimes I just read the nhl forum if i dont feel like posting. idk just an idea.
  6. haha im kind of bored too and i hate pushing it back but there are like 10 members that are posting in the nhl forum atm and half of them dont participate in games so may need to push it back a bit more
  7. I'm bored redraft. redraft. redrafttttt pllleeeeassseeeee.
  8. good idea. once the season gets rollin.
  9. still need to fully coordinate with PK the details but im guessing mid october now, since it seems like the regulars for the nhl forum/area are mia/inactive
  10. Any idea if we're doing a redraft? I'd be down to help but I'm really limited due to school.
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