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Conversation Between Carlznerson and SensandRaps

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  1. No more of this autopicking ********. It's the 3rd round.
  2. I think you have to DQ me. I'm over the cap. Check talkback. DD was supposed to retain on both but didn't post it like that and I never noticed. Deal was made in a chatzy so I have no proof. On;y fair if SJ is out that I am.
  3. most likely not, i havent gotten any update regarding the game
  4. We doing it?
  5. delete the vm of pks wall if you want any chance what so ever of the game happening, they are sticking to rules by the looks of it but antagonizing them wont help anyone
  6. You do you have to try and convince? Someone who isn't a NHL mod? That makes no sense.
  7. ....
  8. I agree with branny
  9. yeah man sorry about that ill put it up in a bit this week is essentially **** week at uni so you should see something by this weekend
  10. I agree with Branny
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