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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and blujaysrock

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  1. plan with Kadri would be to have him at center on the 2nd line, throw Dubinsky over to right wing with him adds Kadri with a defensive presence somewhat. Then sign a more skill LW (like a Grabner) to fill in Bourque's place on the other wing.
  2. Okay np. Also just curious as to your interest in Kadri? You already have like 7 forwards who could play center lol
  3. alright, sorry can't help ya with that.
  4. Nah, and someone of similar skill and potential or better (I would add to the trade if the players better)
  5. how good of winger you looking to get for Kadri? someone like Cam Atkinson work?
  6. wouldn't move them in a deal for Gunner. But in a deal for Lupul if he'd waive for columbus.
  7. Are Rychel and/or Dano available?
  8. Matt Frattin or Dana Tyrell's RFA rights interest you? Either would sign cheap
  9. I like Savard, Heatherington doesn't interest me at all though.
  10. I'd move Dillon Heatherington (50th pick last year) + David Savard RHD played 70 something games, great in playoffs and good all around D to have for Gunner
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