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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and Shaiza

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  1. Actually Greg Mckegg instead, Herzog is a 7.0D
  2. Nvm that last one, what you posted works out better for me, take Fabrice Herzog (7.0) and I'll take the 2.625 hit on Clarkson.
  3. Yea I bought out Clarktard, and I just went by the CBA and took the $4.694 million cap hit. I`ll make the change if you want, not sure why we have to give up specs though lol
  4. You bought out Clarkson right?

    Regular Buyouts (if you use up all your compliance buyouts):
    *salary <2 million = 50% of their cap hit still effects cap
    *salary between 2-4 million = 50% + a prospect rated 5.5A, 6.0A/B/C, 6.5A/B/C, 7.0A/B/C/D becomes an FA
    *salary 4+ million = 50% + a prospect rated 7.0C+ becomes an FA

    Those are the rules.
  5. Are the canes skipped?
  6. Nope, he gone... Bozak and Gunnerson are available, maybe even Bernie since I'e had nothing on Reimer.
  7. Do you still have JVR?
  8. Yer up
  9. You're up kiddo
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